Machine Shop

Our machine shop has a wide variety of conventional and CNC machine tools. This includes three manual lathes, CNC flatbed lathe, CNC horizontal bandsaw, CNC Bed milling machine, radial arm drill press, 50 ton hydraulic press, and associated support equipment. In the machine shop we can produce everything from regular pins and bushings to complete hydraulic cylinders. The main operations that we do are turning various materials on the lathes, drilling, tapping threaded holes, and flat machining on the vertical milling machine. We also broach internal keyways and mill external keyways. Our personnel have many years of experience and will usually be able to find a way to complete your job successfully with the tools on hand.

Welding Shop

Our welding shop is equipped with a number of different welding machines, these allow us to do a wide variety of different types of welding in many different materials. Our smallest welding machine is a Lincoln 180 amp MIG welder. We used this welder for small and thin steel jobs. We also have a 250 amp AC/DC TIG welder, with this machine we are able to do steel, stainless steel and aluminum TIG welding. Our newest welder is a Fronius trans process solution intelligent welder, it is absolutely a state-of-the-art machine. This computerized welder uses digital technology to measure the weld pool and synergistically adjust the parameters needed to give a perfect weld. It allows us to weld large variety of different steels in all positions using a variety of different consumables and producing superior welds every time. We also have a 100 amp plasma cutter which can be used manually, or be coupled to a 4’ x 8’ computerized cutting table. With this table we can produce a large number of industrial parts up to ¾” thick with the plasma cutter, or we can change to a victor cutting torch and cut anything up to 3 inches thick.

Hydraulic Shop

Our hydraulic shop is equipped to handle a large number of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder rebuilding and manufacturing jobs. We are equipped with a test bench, and a large number of tools purpose built to help us disassemble and reassemble hydraulic cylinders. We can also handle valve, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, flow controls and other hydraulic components which require service. In our hose shop we use Parker hydraulic components and carry in stock hydraulic hose in two wire, four wire, and six wire configurations. We have an extensive stock of fittings to crimp onto these hoses and we crimp hoses from ¼ all the way to 2 inches. We also have a large selection of hydraulic adapters, quick connect fittings for pneumatic and hydraulic applications, and live swivels. We carry pressure gauges from 200 psi through 10,000 psi in stock. We also carry an extensive variety of love joy style couplings.

In need of some work done? We can help!

Superior Machine & Hydraulics has complete hydraulic cylinder repair capabilities on all brands of loaders, excavators, drill rigs, presses, dump trucks, etc.

We can repair your unit, or make a new one if necessary. Repairs and overhauls include new seals, packing guide rings, pistons, cylinder chrome rods, caps, and fittings to bring the cylinder to original specs. Every repaired cylinder is thoroughly checked over; ensuring factory original performance, superior sealing properties, better cost/performance ratio and a longer, more trouble free life.

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