Superior Machine & Hydraulics’s is proud to announce that our new computerized milling machine is now set up and fully operational in our shop. This new machine will add light manufacturing capabilities and allow us to do more complicated contour milling than was possible with our manual machine.

When selecting a new machine. The entire staff of Superior Machine & Hydraulics travelled to the IM TS show in Chicago last September. This show is the largest manufacturing show on earth. Attended by over 115,000 people, it showcases machinery from all over the world and is something that every manufacturing professional should see. In our search for a new machine we considered a lot of different options. The parts we make are usually done on a short run basis so we needed a machine that would be able to program parts quickly and easily and be able to manufacture those parts repetitively. After looking at many options we ultimately selected a fryer machine systems bed mill.

The fryer MB – 14R series toolroom bed mill with a rigid spindle is a perfect match for our shop, the machine casing itself is built in Taiwan, the finishing and control additions are done in Patterson, New York. This machine is equipped with a rigid spindle and a 20 station tool changer, the machine travels 40 inches longitudinally and 20 inches transversely and vertically. That size gives us plenty of room to machine most of the parts that we produce here. It has a German-made Siemens high-speed all-digital control system featuring conversational programming. It also does G code, programming, and accepts DXF files for easily programming contour features.

We would be happy to show you our new machine, so if you are near the shop please stop in.